Street Fighter 6 Newest Character A.K.I first seen in action

A.K.I. the second DLC character for Street Fighter 6 will be made available in the game next month. Players who have the Year 1 Character Pass will be able to access A.K.I. On September 27.

Capcom stated that players will be able to try out A.K.I. for one hour with a Rental Fighter ticket obtained through the in-game Fighting Pass. All three Street Fighter 6 game modes—World Tour, Fighting Ground, and Battle Hub—will include A.K.I., just like all other DLC characters.

According to Capcom, "Feeding off orders from her master, she injects poison into enemies who dare stand within striking distance - all with a smile."

Because A.K.I. is the student of master F.A.N.G., who first appeared in Street Fighter 5, the name may sound familiar.

Players can find A.K.I. in Tian Hong in World Tour mode to find out more about her involvement with the pernicious Shadaloo organization.

A.K.I.'s snakelike movements, like F.A.N.G.'s, are based on her sharp, poisonous nails.

She can slither across the screen to avoid dangers with Sinister Slide, Nightshade Pulse, and Serpent Lash, which sends chains of nails flying at enemies from a distance. Her level three Super Art is Claws of Ya Zi, which injects poison into an opponent's pressure points to cause them to explode internally.

Although A.K.I. will be available starting on September 1st, themed items and cosmetics will be included in the A.K.I. Arrives Fighting Pass.

A.K.I. follows Rashid, Street Fighter 6's first post-launch character. Ed and Akuma are still to be released in the Year 1 Character Pass for Street Fighter 6.

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