Genshin Impact Leak: Baizhu Worries About Team Competition

Genshin Impact Leak: Baizhu Worries About Team Competition

The future Dendro user Baizhu's potential is demonstrated in a Genshin Impact video leak when he is paired with the Aggravate team.

A recent Genshin Impact video leak demonstrates Baizhu's potential in a team setup that depends on invoking Aggravate. One of the six brand-new elemental reactions that were unveiled alongside Dendro in update 3.0 is this one. Because it can only be triggered by dealing Electro damage to a target already under the Quicken aura, Aggravate is regarded as a sub-reaction.

Electro and Dendro can be combined to activate Genshin Impact's Quicken reaction, so players who want to concentrate on Aggravate must have these two elements in their party. The Electro character, who typically serves as the primary DPS in this kind of party, will have more damage potential thanks to aggravate.

The upcoming Genshin Impact version 3.6 will include a new five-star Dendro character by the name of Baizhu, according to the game's official Twitter account. The four-star unit Kaveh will also be featured on one of the two banner cycles, according to HoYoverse, so he won't be the only new character. The performance of Baizhu in a team that depends on triggering Aggravate is demonstrated in a recent post on the Genshin Impact Leaks subreddit. Four characters make up the party: Hydro user Xingqiu, Electro polearm DPS Cyno, Traveler in Dendro form, and upcoming Dendro support Baizhu.
In this team, Baizhu's primary responsibility is to deal as much Dendro damage as he can while also giving his teammates access to an incredibly potent shield via his Elemental Burst. The damage potential of Baizhu will scale with maximum HP, as is customary for supports and healers in the game, according to earlier Genshin Impact leaks.

Since Cyno has the ability to deal a ton of damage with the aid of his Pactsword Pathclearer, he is designated as the team's primary DPS character. He is viewed as a selfish DPS, a unique class of character who is only effective on the battlefield. This implies that before Cyno enters the arena, players must activate all of their DoT abilities and buffs.

Even though Xinqiu has a lower four-star rarity and maxed-out constellations, many people still believe he is the best support in Genshin Impact. Currently, Yelan, a five-star bow user, is the only character who can match his supportive abilities. Some comments claim that if the player switched the Dendro Traveler for the Sumeru Archon Nahida, this kind of party would be even more powerful.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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