FFXIV savage static is under criticism for its "No LGBTQ+" recruitment Post

FFXIV savage static is under criticism for its "No LGBTQ+" recruitment Post

Final Fantasy XIV Community Stands Against Discrimination in Savage Static Recruitment Post.

In the vast virtual world of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), where players can escape their reality and embark on thrilling adventures, a recent controversy has ignited heated discussions within the community. A savage static, a dedicated group formed to conquer challenging raids, faced widespread backlash after their recruitment post explicitly stated, "No LGBT. No gays. No transgenders." This exclusionary requirement drew sharp criticism from the FFXIV player base, triggering an important conversation about inclusivity and acceptance in the gaming realm.

The realm of Final Fantasy XIV beckons players with its immersive gameplay and the ability to create unique characters that reflect their aspirations and identities. Within this MMORPG, dedicated players can forge their path, engaging in various activities, including building houses, forming relationships, and undertaking formidable challenges such as high-level raids. These raids, particularly those of savage difficulty, demand meticulous coordination, teamwork, and skill to emerge victorious.

It is a captivating virtual universe where players can truly embody their characters. Through a comprehensive customization system, players can meticulously craft their avatars, ensuring a deep sense of immersion in a world beyond their own. FFXIV endeavors to provide a space where players can find solace, forge connections, and experience adventures that resonate with them on a personal level.

As players progress through FFXIV's vast world they eventually reach the pinnacle of their journey the end-game content. These challenging activities present opportunities for players to test their mettle and obtain the most coveted rewards. High-level raids, such as those encountered in savage difficulty, stand as the ultimate trials, pushing players to their limits and rewarding them with powerful gear and a sense of accomplishment.

To conquer the unforgiving battles found in savage raids, players often band together, forming statics. These raid groups enable players to collaborate closely, developing strategies, and honing their skills as a cohesive unit. Statics can be formed in various ways, but one common method involves utilizing third-party applications like Discord to recruit like-minded individuals.

Within the FFXIV community, a recruitment post from a savage static sparked outrage and condemnation due to its discriminatory stance. The post initially displayed the static's schedule, current job requirements, and expectations. However, the inclusion of the reprehensible requirement explicitly excluding LGBTQ+ players ignited a firestorm of criticism. The community vehemently expressed its disapproval, highlighting that a significant portion of the FFXIV community identifies as LGBTQ+.

In response to the discriminatory recruitment post, FFXIV players flooded social media platforms, expressing their disappointment and frustration. One player captured the prevailing sentiment by sarcastically remarking, "Imagine trying to find a straight phys ranged player? Objectively the queerest class, a bunch of cowboys and then people who sing and dance to motivate others." The outrage was palpable, with comments flooding in, underscoring the community's rejection of discrimination within their beloved game.

Under mounting pressure and faced with the consequences of their prejudiced stance, the savage static eventually modified their recruitment post. However, rather than addressing the exclusion of LGBTQ+ players, the revised post now stated, "No drama queens." While it remains unclear what transpired within the static following the backlash, it is evident that the FFXIV community expressed its unwillingness to associate with a group that harbors prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community.

The outcry generated by the discriminatory recruitment post serves as a resounding testament to the inclusive and accepting nature of the FFXIV community. Players overwhelmingly voiced their support for LGBTQ+ individuals, stressing the importance of fostering an environment where all players can feel welcomed and celebrated. This united front demonstrates that prejudice and discrimination have no place within the vibrant virtual realm of Final Fantasy XIV.

In the world of Final Fantasy XIV where players can shape their destinies and undertake epic adventures, the recent controversy surrounding a discriminatory recruitment post has shed light on the collective voice of the community. As players strive for victory in savage raids, they have also declared their commitment to equality and acceptance. The FFXIV community stands united, rejecting prejudice and reinforcing the belief that everyone, regardless of their identity, has a rightful place in this extraordinary virtual realm.


  1. The community is mostly young, poorly educated people who get all of their "information" from Reddit and have next to no real life experience.

    LGTBQ people are doing just fine on FFXIV. If one group doesn't want to play with them I think they'll be fine.

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