FTC Takes Action Against Microsoft and Activision Blizzard

FTC Takes Action Against Microsoft and Activision Blizzard

CEOs of Microsoft and Activision Blizzard to Defend Deal Amidst FTC's Injunction Request.

Activision Blizzard and Microsoft are the targets of a preliminary injunction request that was recently made by the Federal Trade Commission. The hearing is set to begin this week.

The dates that have been formally set are June 21, which marks the start of the preliminary hearing, and June 22, 23, 27, 28, and 29 for the complete hearing.

This week, several Xbox officials, including Phil Spencer, will be present in court to defend the Activision Blizzard agreement, including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

Jim Ryan from Sony will also testify during the hearing to talk about market competitiveness, although he will only do so through video link. Microsoft poked fun at this earlier today in a statement to The Verge:

"Unlike Sony, our most senior executives will appear in person to testify and respond to any inquiries regarding our corporate strategy. The more you consider the situation, the more obvious it is that this agreement equals more options for gamers.

Over the following few days, we'll keep you informed of all the crucial information that emerges from the FTC hearing. In summary, if the FTC's injunction is upheld, Microsoft will face significant obstacles (and possibly the end) in its efforts to close the Activision Blizzard merger.

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