Activision Blizzard Drops Lawsuit Against TikTok Star Anthony Fantano

Activision Blizzard Drops Lawsuit Against TikTok Star

Activision Blizzard Drops Lawsuit Against TikTok Star Over Audio Dispute.

After engaging in a legal back-and-forth over a widely-distributed Crash Bandicoot audio clip, Activision has decided to drop its lawsuit against TikTok star Anthony Fantano.

Yep, Anthony Fantano who's known for his quirky content on the platform, going by the catchy moniker 'TheNeedleTok.' But what led to this surprising twist in the legal tale? Well, it's all about a slice of audio drama.

Anthony Fantano reacting to a pizza getting sliced into ever-tinier pieces. The whole thing is hilarious, and he's shouting, "It's enough slices!" Classic Fantano humor, right? This video becomes a viral sensation known as a meme and is remixed more times than you can count.

Activision Blizzard came into the scene with their promotional TikTok video for Crash Bandicoot sneakers. And guess what? They decide to spice things up by tossing in Fantano's iconic "It's Enough slices" audio snippet. Seems like a fun idea, right? Well, not so fast. Fantano isn't exactly thrilled about this move. He hits up Activision, waving the copyright flag and threatening to take them to court.

That's when the legal tango starts. Activision Blizzard doesn't take the copyright claims lying down. They fire back with a lawsuit of their own, claiming Fantano's making a mountain out of a molehill. Their argument? TikTok's terms of service give them the green light to tinker, adapt, and yes, even remix gaming user content. Plus, they say they picked up Fantano's audio from TikTok's commercial-use-friendly list of sounds.

But wait, hold on to your gamer hats – the plot thickens. Just when we thought this legal showdown was heating up, it suddenly cools down. Activision Blizzard said in their official statement, "Plaintiff Activision Publishing, Inc. hereby dismisses this entire action, including, without limitation, all claims alleged therein, with prejudice." Fancy legalese for "we're outta here."

So, what's next? Well, that's the million-dollar question. Anthony Fantano's keeping a low profile, for now, not a peep about this whole lawsuit-drop situation. It's got us all scratching our heads – did he get what he wanted? Did Activision Blizzard realize the remix game wasn't worth the legal hassle? The silence is louder than a gaming convention.

In the world of pixels and copyright woes, the tale of Activision Blizzard and Anthony Fantano is one heck of a rollercoaster. It's like a collision of memes, legality, and the digital age's wild west. While the lawsuit's end might be a head-scratcher, it's a reminder that the lines between content creation, sharing, and the law are still blurry. So, let's see what Fantano's next move will be – it's a cliffhanger, and we're all waiting for the sequel.

Source: Reuters


  1. He's not a tik tok star, more like YOUTUBE star.

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