Microsoft's Xbox Patent Hints at Revolutionary New Controller Design

Xbox Controller

Microsoft's Latest Xbox Controller Patent Reveals Innovative New Features. It's patent has a touchscreen for Social Media and Saved Loadouts.

GameRant recently revealed that Microsoft has been looking into the possibility of creating an Xbox controller with a touchscreen for accessing different features. The controller is described in the patent as having an integrated touchscreen and the ability to store a player's personalized loadouts.

The New Xbox Controller Patent

The touchscreen could also be used to access social media features and track and display a player's in-game performance, as illustrated in the patent's image. According to the illustration, the touchscreen could also be used to access audio options and show the controller's battery life.

Features of the Xbox Controller Patent

The patent mentions compatibility with external devices like mobile phones via an app too. This feature will allow players to customize their controller settings using their mobile devices. Players can save multiple loadouts, such as game modes or character builds, and access them easily on the controller’s touchscreen.

The touchscreen will also display important game-related information such as scores, health, and power levels. Players will also have access to social media features, which they can use to share their progress or connect with other gamers.

Microsoft's Latest Xbox Wireless Controllers
Image: Gamerant

The patent suggests that the controller’s touchscreen can also be used to access audio settings, such as volume and sound effects. The controller will display the battery level, making it easier for players to know when it needs charging.

Microsoft's Latest Xbox Wireless Controllers

Microsoft recently launched its latest Xbox wireless controller color, Velocity Green. The company revealed two new colors for its range of Xbox Elite Series 2 wireless controllers on Tuesday - Vibrant Red and Blue versions of the controller. These new controllers are now available for pre-order for $139.99 / £124.99, ahead of their launch on April 11.

The full name of the new colors is "Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 - Core," just like the white model that was released in September of last year. These items resemble the original black Elite Series 2 controller but cost less to purchase because they have fewer extras.

The new Xbox controller patent with a built-in touchscreen for accessing saved loadouts and social media features is an exciting development for gamers. It will allow players to customize their controller settings using their mobile devices, and access important game-related information easily. The new controllers with different colors are also a great addition to the Xbox family, giving players more options to choose from.

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