Pokemon fan makes Lugia's paradox form

Pokemon fan makes Lugia's paradox form

Concept art for the paradox form of Lugia, one of the franchise's legendary Pokemon, was created by a talented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan.

One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan imagined what the paradox form of the legendary Pokemon Lugia would look like in concept art. The fanbase of the Pokemon franchise will probably be very interested to see what inventive community members come up with on their own, given that there are only a small number of pocket creatures that can be found in this special form in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Long-time video game players probably always look forward to the fresh ideas developers bring to each new title they release. One of the features that makes Pokemon Scarlet and Violet special for the Nintendo Switch in 2022 is paradox forms, and the community seems to be having a lot of fun with it. Many creative fans have been imagining and creating their own artwork that features other pocket creatures in their Pokemon Scarlet and Violet paradox forms since only a certain roster of Pokemon have these special features.

User pandaga posted a piece of art on Reddit that features the legendary Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon Lugia. Lugia is depicted in the work of art almost on all fours, with distinct spikes and pointed fins on various parts of its body. "Lugia, Silver Tempest," was the name the artist had chosen for their interpretation of the legend. The artist claims that they were influenced by the Pokemon TCG set that was made specifically to include Lugia. They thought it was too cool to pass up and that it seemed to complement the artwork perfectly.

Lugia from pandaga will be a far cry from the typically svelte-appearing Pokemon for some fans. The Lugia, on the other hand, seems like it would blend in well with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's current roster given that paradox forms have more archaic features. Comments on the Reddit thread praised the artist's vision and even sparked debate about what kind of Lugia this paradox form would take on in the game. Others also noted how the shape and the body spikes of the artist's pocket creature strongly resembled the Tigrex and Rathalos from the Monster Hunter series.

The Pokemon franchise has been featured in other fan works created by pandaga, according to their Reddit profile. One of their works highlights Trainer Red and his Pikachu, while another highlights Professor Sada from Pokemon Scarlet. Hopefully the artist will be motivated to create more paradox form Pokemon fan art in the future with their version of Lugia serving as just the beginning.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Luie Magbanua

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