Player of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Finds Fix for Corrupted Save Data Problem

Player of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Finds Fix for Corrupted Save Data Problem

One player may have discovered a workaround for the bug that resulted from a recent Pokemon Scarlet and Violet update that corrupted saves.

The corrupting save data error problem that is currently plaguing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has a potential fix, according to one player. The games have been plagued by numerous issues ever since their release, ranging from performance issues that some Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players haven't seen any improvement on to somewhat strange glitches and bugs that are ruining the entire gameplay experience.

Game Freak has been working to release fixes to improve the performance of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet after experiencing numerous issues. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's recent 1.2.0 update, which was supposed to fix bugs and add new features, has revealed to players that it instead introduced a risky save corrupting error bug. Players who attempted to link their save files with Pokemon GO, one of the newest features added in the most recent update, started experiencing this bug.It would indicate a corrupted save file, rendering it unreadable, when they attempted to use the postcard feature to acquire Vivillon or even to pre-order the upcoming DLC and earn its bonus. If the game was digital, they would have to either delete it and reinstall it or play on a new Switch profile.

However, it appears that the error might have a fix. The user TragGaming posted a fix for the corrupted save data on the r/PokemonScarletandViolet forum. The gamer first cautions readers in the post that this is only for the "Save data is corrupted" error, not the "Save data not recognized please turn off Nintendo Switch" error, and that they should double-check that the Switch they are using to play the game is the primary Switch.After that, they advise players to check to see if their copy of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn't simply crashing, which has been an issue for some of them. Next, they advise creating a new Switch account or using an existing one, playing a fresh save file on that account until the player can save, then quitting the game immediately after saving and switching back to the primary account. The player ought to be able to sign in and start playing as usual by loading the Pokemon game there.

On three different saves on two different Switches, they claimed that this worked for them. However, they don't know what makes it work or even why the data becomes corrupted in the first place. Since the bug has caused players to lose hundreds of hours' worth of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet save data to erasure, many players have been waiting for a fix like this.

Game Freak has not yet announced whether or not the problem will receive a formal fix. All the players can do is wait and hope that the next Tera Raid doesn't hit Pokemon Scarlet and Violet before an official fix is released.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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