Ubisoft Announces Its Own Event, Ubisoft Forward Live, and Will Not Attend E3 2023

Ubisoft Announces Its Own Event, Ubisoft Forward Live

Ubisoft the well-known game publisher and developer of famous franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry has announced not be attending E3 2023. One of the most significant events of the year for game developer. Instead, the company has decided to host its own event, Ubisoft Forward Live, on June 12 in Los Angeles. This announcement comes as a surprise, considering that Ubisoft was the first significant company to commit to attending E3 2023. Ubisoft's representative recognised E3's contributions to the video game industry, but stated that the company had made a different decision.

Ubisoft Forward Live: What to Expect?

Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs are just a few of the well-known franchises that will be featured on Ubisoft Forward Live with exclusive game announcements, news, and updates. Trailers, gameplay videos, and announcements from the company's executives will all be expected at the event. This event will provide Ubisoft with an opportunity to showcase its upcoming games to the gaming community without the competition and distractions of E3.

Ubisoft's Withdrawal from E3 2023: Implications

Ubisoft's absence from E3 2023 raises questions about the revamped show's line-up. Ubisoft has historically been a huge supporter of E3, and its withdrawal raises serious questions about which major companies will attend. As it stands, neither Nintendo nor Xbox will be attending the event, although Xbox will still have a presence in LA during the same window. Furthermore, the organizers of E3 2023, ReedPop, claim that unnamed "AAA companies, in addition to indie darlings and tech and hardware firms" have committed to making their return to the Los Angeles Convention Center.

The Revamped Format of E3 2023

Under the revamped format of E3 2023, the first two days of the event will be exclusively reserved for business, while the remaining days will include consumer visitors. The new format reacts to the changing landscape of the gaming industry by placing a greater emphasis on digital distribution and engagement. In addition, E3 2023's "Digital Week" kicks off on Sunday, June 11, with various digital events such as The PC Gaming Show, Future Games Show, Guerilla Collective, and Black Voices in Gaming. This digital week aims to provide gamers and enthusiasts with the opportunity to interact with their favorite publishers and developers through various online events.

A significant development that casts doubt on the future of the conference is Ubisoft's decision to skip E3 2023. However, Ubisoft Forward Live is set to bring significant announcements, updates, and trailers for their famous franchises. Nevertheless, the absence of major publishers like Ubisoft, Nintendo, and Xbox raises concerns about the revamped show's line-up. The changing landscape of the gaming industry and E3's response to digital distribution and engagement through the new format and digital week show the event's willingness to evolve with the times.

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