Minecraft April Fools Update: Chaos and Fun with Voting Feature

Minecraft April Fools Update: Chaos and Fun with Voting Feature

Minecraft Snapshot 23w13a_or_b: Chaotic Voting System and Crazy New Additions for April Fools' Day

Mojang, the development studio behind Minecraft, has released a new April Fools Day Snapshot for the game that adds a chaotic voting system to the experience. This Snapshot, labeled 23w13a_or_b, features a voting feature that can alter the game world sporadically. we will explore this new update in detail and what it brings to the Minecraft universe.

Snapshot 23w13a_or_b: The Chaos Unleashed

Mojang's official Minecraft website announced the release of the Snapshot update, which includes the new voting feature. The team's explanation for this addition was that humans make 35,000 decisions a day, and that can be overwhelming. Therefore, why not make these decisions in Minecraft?

When players press the "V" key on PC, they can access the voting system. Every 30 seconds, a prompt will appear that reads, "Started voting for Proposal…". Players can bring up the voting menu and vote on a randomly generated proposal. The options are endless, and some can drastically alter the game world. For example, players can vote to change the pitch of every sound by 149% or set the sky color in The Void to sapphire.

Players have already discovered some fun voting options, such as enabling the 'Midas Touch,' which turns everything the player touches to gold, or activating 'French Mode,' which changes a player's avatar to a French beret and baguette while changing the language to French.

More Fun Additions

The 23w13a_or_b Snapshot includes much more than just the voting feature. Mojang has also added a ton of new items to the game, including Mob Potions and a Moon Dimension. These additions increase the overall game experience and make it more enjoyable for players.

Minecraft's new April Fools Day Snapshot update is a fun and chaotic addition to the game. The voting feature adds unpredictability and excitement to the game, with endless options for players to explore. Mojang has gone all out this year with this update, and players should definitely check it out for themselves.

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