Ubisoft+ Game Subscription Service Now Available on Xbox

The Imminent Launch of Ubisoft+ Subscription Service on Xbox

Assassin's Creed publisher Ubisoft is set to launch its Ubisoft+ game subscription service on Xbox consoles. This action comes in response to recent rumors that the service would launch this month on Microsoft's consoles.

Ubisoft+ gives gamers access over 100 Ubisoft games, including new releases and DLC with a monthly subscription price of $14.99, £12.99, or €14.99. The service originally launched for PC as Uplay+ in September 2019, before being rebranded as Ubisoft+ in 2021.

Ubisoft+ Coming to Xbox

Ubisoft Store website is now advertising Ubisoft+ as available on Xbox. However, the website currently contains a dead link to a page that is expected to eventually show a full list of Ubisoft+ games available on Xbox consoles. An advert for Ubisoft+ is also reportedly appearing on the Xbox rewards app for some players.

Ubisoft+ for Xbox is currently being advertised on the Ubisoft Store website
Ubisoft+ Xbox is currently Advertise on Ubisoft Website

Subscription service would be made available on Xbox consoles "in the future," according to a statement from Ubisoft from January 2022. Following rumors that Ubisoft+ might be a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier, which also includes an EA Play membership, information was confirmed. However, the Assassin’s Creed publisher subsequently said that Ubisoft+ would be a separate subscription from Game Pass.

Xbox version of Ubisoft+ will launch with over 60 games, according to a report from the end of March. This suggests the library will be incomplete, comparable to Ubisoft+ Classics collection included with PlayStation Plus' Extra and Premium tiers. While adding Ubisoft+ to the growing list of Xbox Game Pass (Ultimate) perks would be an incredible value proposition on Microsoft's part, there have been no indications of that being the plan so far.

Ubisoft+ offers a convenient and cost-effective way for gamers to access a large selection of Ubisoft titles. Xbox users who enjoy Ubisoft games will undoubtedly satisfied with imminent arrival of service on their console. Xbox user can play variety of Ubisoft games without buy each one separately on Xbox console.

However, it's still not clear it is popular on Xbox or not. Fact is now a part of Microsoft Rewards doesn't lessen that expectation. It is uncertain whether Ubisoft+ will enjoy significant success on Xbox given the current circumstances.

Ubisoft's imminent launch of its Ubisoft+ game subscription service on Xbox consoles is exciting news for gamers. Players can access a variety of Ubisoft games via this service at a fair price, including new releases and DLC. Ubisoft's efforts to expand its subscription service across numerous platforms show that it is committed to maintaining its already high level of game distribution diversity, even though the success of the service on Xbox is still uncertain.

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