Xbox Game Studios Boss Confirms Arkane Austin's Future Amid Redfall Troubles

Microsoft Commits to Supporting Redfall Studio Arkane Austin, Despite Disappointing Launch.

In a recent interview with Xbox Game Studios boss Matt Booty, it has been confirmed that Microsoft has no plans to shut down Redfall studio Arkane Austin. This announcement comes after the release of Redfall, the highly anticipated Xbox exclusive developed by Arkane Austin, which faced various technical issues and received mixed reviews. Despite the setbacks, Microsoft remains committed to supporting the studio and is confident in their ability to deliver the game they had envisioned.

Redfall, the first major Xbox exclusive from Bethesda, faced a series of delays before finally hitting the market last month. Unfortunately, the game's release was marred by technical problems, leading to disappointing reviews. Metacritic, the popular review aggregation platform, assigned Redfall aggregate scores of 56 for the Xbox Series X/S version and 53 for the PC version.

Microsoft's Support for Arkane Austin

When asked about the future of Arkane Austin and whether Microsoft planned to close the studio following Redfall's underwhelming launch, Matt Booty responded that the plan was to keep the studio open. He expressed his confidence in the team's dedication to improving Redfall through updates and continued content development.

Booty acknowledged that Redfall had fallen short of expectations but stressed the importance of supporting the studio to help them achieve their original vision. He admitted that Microsoft could have done a better job of engaging with Arkane Austin earlier in the development process, providing them with the necessary resources and guidance as a first-party studio.

Microsoft's Accountability and Commitment

Matt Booty's sentiments echo those of Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who recently expressed accountability for the studio's struggles. Spencer admitted that they had not initially engaged effectively with Arkane Austin, failing to help them understand the full extent of being part of Xbox and a first-party studio. He expressed his admiration for the talented team at Arkane Austin and expressed confidence in their ability to create another outstanding game in the future.

The acknowledgment of these shortcomings highlights Microsoft's commitment to learning from the experience and improving their support for their various studios. Both Booty and Spencer emphasized the importance of engaging with their teams early on, ensuring a collaborative environment that maximizes the potential of each studio.

Redfall's Future and Player Feedback

Despite the initial challenges, Arkane Austin remains dedicated to addressing the issues in Redfall and delivering an improved gaming experience. The studio released its first major patch, which introduced incremental improvements to gameplay, combat, AI, environment, stability, multiplayer, accessibility, UI, and various bug fixes. The team expressed gratitude to the millions of players who have explored the world of Redfall and assured them that they are working diligently to address the remaining concerns as quickly as possible.

Microsoft's commitment to supporting Redfall studio Arkane Austin demonstrates their faith in the team's capabilities and their dedication to delivering high-quality gaming experiences. While Redfall faced a difficult launch, the ongoing updates and improvements, combined with Microsoft's increased engagement with their studios, offer hope for a brighter future. Players can look forward to witnessing the growth and development of Arkane Austin as they continue to work on Redfall and embark on new projects.


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