Sega has completed its acquisition of Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment

Sega acquisition Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment

Sega has completed its acquisition of Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment.

Sega Sammy Holdings announced plans in April to make a 'Tender Offer' to purchase "the entirety of Rovio's outstanding shares and options" for €706 million ($776 million).

Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, and Knuckles teaming up with the Angry Birds crew – a crossover that dreams are made of. The official Sega Twitter account recently posted an image that sent shockwaves of delight through the gaming community.

"Welcome to the Sega family, Rovio! We’re so thrilled to celebrate Rovio becoming a member of the Sega Group. Get ready for exciting adventures ahead," the tweet read.

Remember that Sega Sammy Holdings plan? The one where they stated their desire to launch a 'Tender Offer' to acquire Rovio's shares and options? It's no longer simply a plan; it's now a victorious reality. This gaming union will cost a hefty €706 million. 

Sega has set its sights on harnessing Rovio's skills to boost its mobile game roster, owing to its long gaming background. Rovio's expertise in live service mobile game operations fits Sega's desire to take control of the global mobile gaming industry. This is about creating remarkable experiences for a large audience, not simply games.

But Sega's aspirations for Rovio go far beyond the realm of mobile gaming. This acquisition is about more than just increasing a portfolio; it is about supporting Rovio's aims to expand into new markets.  As Haruki Satomi, President and Group CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings, put it, "Rovio is aiming to expand its platform outside of mobile gaming, and Sega will actively look to support this process through its capabilities." This isn't just a business move; it's a genuine partnership.

Sega and Rovio's combination is about more than simply commercial synergy; it's also about artistic fusion. The coming together of these two legendary businesses and their devoted fan groups carries enormous potential. A distinct blend of strengths is in the works, from characters to business culture.

Haruki Satomi, president and group CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings, stated in April: "I am confident that, through a combination of both companies’ brands, characters, fanbase, as well as corporate culture and functionality, there will be significant synergies created going forward."

"Historically, Sega has released countless video game titles for various gaming platforms, as represented by the Sonic the Hedgehog series." I am convinced that major synergies will be established in the future by combining the brands, personalities, fanbases, corporate culture, and functionality of both companies."

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