Starfield install size reveal; it is now preload

Starfield install size reveal

Starfield is now available for preload on Xbox Series X/S consoles and PC, which means we know the size of the installation.

The game's size on PC is 139.84 GB. It's 100.19 GB for the Standard Edition and 117.07 GB for the Premium Edition on consoles, which also comes with a digital artbook and soundtrack, skin pack, and the Shattered Space Story Expansion (when it becomes available).

If you didn't purchase the Premium Edition that gave you access five days earlier, the game will not be playable until September 6.

Preload for Steam users will start on August 30 and require 125 GB of free space.

Even this close to launch, Starfield is still a bit of a mystery, but yesterday's Discord Q&A provided some fresh information.

Now, we have more information about the housing system, the prison, and the fact that 20 companions will travel with the player through space.

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