Unannounced Bethesda Licensed IP Is Said to Be Under the Disney Banner

leaked licensed IP from Bethesda

According to the latest rumors, an unknown licensed IP from Bethesda is being developed under the Disney banner.

The leaked licensed IP from Bethesda is being developed under the Disney brand, according to co-host Shpeshal Nick during the most recent episode of The Xbox Two. However, he is unaware of which Disney IP it is.

The unknown game was first mentioned in the FTC vs. Microsoft documents, which stated that it is scheduled for release during the company's Financial Year 2024 term.

leaked licensed IP from Bethesda

Although it's difficult to guess what Disney license this new Bethesda game is based on, there may be some similarities to another unreleased game from Bethesda Game Studios' Roundhouse Studios that is rumored to be based on a comic IP. An unannounced online, team-based PvPvE third-person shooter based on a significant comic license was being developed by Shane E., a former game programmer at Roundhouse Studios, and his small team in Unreal Engine 4. He mentioned this in his LinkedIn profile. The game was in Alpha as of 2018.

A game based on Indiana Jones is another Disney IP that Bethesda is confirmed to be working on. Todd Howard, the executive producer of the Indiana Jones films, revealed in a recent interview that he is a huge fan of the films and that Raiders of the Lost Ark is his favorite journey. He alluded to the franchise's potential for unique video game adaptation, but he didn't elaborate.

Todd did reveal that exploration will be important in the Indiana Jones game adaptation, as it is in the movies. He stated that he wants the players to feel as if they are actually playing an Indiana Jones game rather than just watching it.

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