Cowboys' Quarterback Depth Chart Unveiled for 2023 and Beyond: Dak Prescott's Dominance and Trey Lance's Future

Cowboys' Quarterback Depth Chart Unveiled for 2023 and Beyond: Dak Prescott's Dominance and Trey Lance's Future.

Cowboys' Quarterback Depth Chart Unveiled for 2023 and Beyond: Dak Prescott's Dominance and Trey Lance's Future

Everything's bigger in Texas, they say, and that includes the intrigue in the Dallas Cowboys quarterback room. Surprisingly, the Cowboys traded for Trey Lance in August, shaking up their passing game. Raising queries about Lance's 2023 and long-term status, Dak Prescott maintains the QB1 spot.

Current Quarterback Depth Chart

With just two quarterbacks expected to play on game days, the Cowboys have three on their roster. Notably, Trey Lance is not among the active pair.

Dak Prescott

Prescott is unquestionably the leader of the Cowboys' quarterback pack. In the 2022 season, he played 12 games, all of which he started, securing an 8-4 record. With an impressive completion percentage of 66.2%, Prescott passed for 2,860 yards, scoring 23 touchdowns while throwing 15 interceptions and boasting a passer rating of 91.1. While Prescott's immediate future is clear, the uncertainty lies beyond 2023.

Currently, in the third year of his contract, Prescott's deal may undergo restructuring. His cap hit will reach $59,455,000 in 2024 while excessively large amounts of dead money would result ($61,915,000) if he were to be cut. This makes it highly likely that Prescott will stay put for the 2024 season, leaving little room for Trey Lance to ascend to the starting role.

The Cowboys' decision-making regarding Prescott could become complicated if they miss the playoffs or underperform in 2023. In such a scenario, it might make strategic sense for owner Jerry Jones to consider a simultaneous change at both quarterback and head coach positions.

Cooper Rush

Cooper Rush assumed the role of a capable backup in 2022 when Dak Prescott was sidelined with an injured thumb. Rush had a stellar performance, completing 58% of his passes for 1,051 yards and five TDs while throwing just three INTs and earning an impressive 80.0 passer rating across five starts. While he's not expected to be the long-term solution for Dallas at quarterback, Rush provides reliable backup support.

Rush inked a two-year deal with Dallas before the 2023 season, but his future could be influenced by Trey Lance's progress. If the Cowboys are impressed by Lance's performance in practice and meetings, they might consider moving on from Rush at minimal cost.

Trey Lance

Trey Lance's path to QB1 in Dallas mirrors the challenges he faced in San Francisco. Dak Prescott firmly occupies the top spot on the depth chart, and while injuries have affected Prescott's availability in the past, Cooper Rush would likely get the nod as a fill-in if needed.

In 2023, there's a scenario in which Trey Lance could be utilized as a gadget quarterback, similar to his rookie season in San Francisco under Kyle Shanahan. If the Cowboys hope to secure the NFC East crown, they may look to integrate particular plays specifically tailored for Lance into their offensive strategy. However, barring unforeseen circumstances in the Cowboys' quarterback room, 2024 appears to be the year when Lance could vie for the starting role. The team will need to decide on Lance's fifth-year option after the 2023 season, but committing to a costly contract for that fifth year is likely if they are confident in Lance's abilities.

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Beyond 2024, Trey Lance's future with the Cowboys remains uncertain and subject to various factors. His path might shift according to how well he performs as part of a cohesive unit and potential shifts within leadership ranks. If there's a coaching change, a new coach may have a say in Lance's future with the team.

Although possessing promise and value, Trey Lance faces an obstacle in assuming the role of starting quarterback for the Cowboys due to Dak Prescott's existing salary and reputation. His 2023 responsibilities might entail restricted game minutes or customized assignments, depending on how things go. Watch closely as the Cowboys work towards excellence amidst uncertainty surrounding their quarterback spot.

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