Nintendo Ending Mario Kart Tour Content 4 years after its debut

Nintendo is ending the Mario Kart Tour's content 4 years after its debut

Four years after its release, Nintendo and DeNA have confirmed that they will soon stop adding new content to the mobile game Mario Kart Tour.

The companies confirmed in a message to players that following the Anniversary Tour, a new 'tour' of content for the game that begins on September 20, all upcoming seasons will feature content from previous tours.

The message says "No new courses, drivers, karts, or gliders will be added after the Battle Tour starting 04/10/2023." We hope you enjoy playing Mario Kart Tour in the future.

The news could point to an impending release of the sixth and final DLC wave for the Nintendo Switch title Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, as it has frequently shared new course releases with the mobile title.

Another indication that Nintendo is less focused on mobile games is the Mario Kart Tour.

Nintendo is ending the Mario Kart Tour's content 4 years after its debut

Since it started developing mobile games in 2016, the platform has contributed little to Nintendo's earnings compared to other major publishers like Activision and Take-Two, which regularly see mobile make up more than half of their yearly revenues.

The company currently no longer supports five of the eight significant mobile games it has released to date, including Mario Kart Tour.

According to Appmagic data recently published by, Fire Emblem Heroes is by far Nintendo's most profitable mobile game, bringing in over $810 million of the company's estimated $1.5 billion in mobile game revenue. It is estimated that Fire Emblem brings in $5 million each month.

Nintendo's second-highest-earning mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, recently surpassed Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp with revenues of about $243 million from 230 million downloads and about $2 million per month.

After a controversial gacha mechanic was removed from Mario Kart Tour in October 2022, it's estimated that the game's monthly revenue fell by $1 million.

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