Starfield players may get a huge XP boost through sex

Sex can provide Starfield players a significant XP increase.  In Starfield, having sex will increase your experience level.

It seems like setting oneself up for a romantic experience would be worthwhile for people trying to gain experience points.

Players get 15% more experience points when they sleep with a friend, as was mentioned on the Starfield Reddit (via VG247). "Emotional Security" is the name of this brief buff, and it lasts for 24 minutes. It is comparable to but better than, the 10% well-rested state obtained by sleeping alone.

One-night stands are not permitted in Starfield. As a result, in order to gain from this XP bonus, you must gradually progress through one of the game's romance options.

In Starfield, you can romance Andreja, Barrett, Sarah, and Sam Coe, and eventually, you will be able to commit to them. Then you'll be able to spend the night in your bed with your loved one at your side.

However, open relationships are not an option. Once you've made a commitment to someone, you won't be able to romance anybody else until you want to withdraw your commitment if you realize you've made a mistake.

Starfield is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S (including through Xbox Game Pass). Of fact, many people have already been blasting their way around the galaxy thanks to a pricier edition of the game that gave gamers early access.

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