Spider-Man 2 is The Fastest-Selling Game in PlayStation History

Sony announces Spider-Man 2 as the fastest-selling game in PlayStation studio's history.

Sony managed to sell more than two and a half million copies of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in one day.

Make it as the company’s highest-selling PlayStation Title created under its own studios and with regard to the movies they have produced Spider-man 2 makes the highest-selling PlayStation Title.

Unlike any of the God of War, Unchartered, and The Last of Us, Spider-Man 2 sold more than 2.5 million copies within a short time upon its release. It also reaches the destination much quicker than Spider-Man 1.

Perhaps most importantly, it specifically says that “thoroughly sold” rather than “shipped” copies are also covered by the number.

In some cases, not all copies of a distributed title will be sold out immediately. Publishers may also mention how many units of the game have shipped Unfortunately, this is not a very good indicator for sales all of the time.

The “sold through” figure refers to the number of copies purchased through the Play Station store or sold at different sell points around the retailers.

However, not every piece of news is favorable as Insomniac, the game developer, should correct Miles Morales’ home with the right Puerto Rican flag and not with the one from Cuba.

However, insomniacs have shown interest in the Spider men’s future as their upcoming events are a part of a pretty epic story lines with Spider man one referred to as their Iron Man and Spider man two as a civil war. 

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