Elden Ring Player Beaten By This Boss' Ingenious Move

Elden Ring Player Beaten By This Boss' Ingenious Move

As the boss they are fighting pulls off a cunning trick that results in the player's demise, one Elden Ring player's bullying attempt is unsuccessful.

An Elden Ring player's attempt to intimidate a boss is unsuccessful because the boss pulls off a cunning trick that results in the player's demise. Elden Ring is a game that enjoys ripping the rug out from under the player's feet. Usually this happens by way of a surprise, like learning that Malenia, the game's hardest boss, has a second phase after spending hours trying to defeat her in the first. Nothing is worse than being so close to defeating a boss only to have it spring a trap and use one move that throws everything off. In this instance, a boss was successful in escaping a bullying attempt.

Elden Ring has numerous boss arenas, referred to as Evergaols, that are dispersed throughout The Lands Between and contain particular bosses captive. Bosses like the Crucible Knights are typically among these, which the player can choose to accept as optional challenges. One of these bosses—Alecto, Black Knife Ringleader—was responsible for the death of Godwyn the Golden. She moves quickly, is aggressive, and can easily close the gap between herself and the player, making her boss fight challenging.

When Alecto was given the chance to permanently remove a player from the game, the player was attempting to bully her. User FalallucciD posted a video of them harassing Alecto on r/Eldenring. They have the opportunity to stun-lock her multiple times while she is huddled up against a ledge in an arena corner. Alecto suddenly dodges out of the way of the attack after the player has to readjust so they don't fall off, and slashes at the player, forcing them off the ledge to their death—a common way to die in Elden Ring. It almost seems as though the player has the victory well in hand. In a recent Elden Ring survey about player deaths and how they die, it is reported that 14% of players die due to falling off a ledge.
Many users criticized the player in the comments for their careless decision to bully the boss next to a ledge, a risky strategy that undoubtedly didn't turn out well for the player. The rapid movements of Alecto have literally been this player's downfall. While in some situations players can easily defeat opponents by making them fall off ledges, as when one player made a Crucible Knight fly straight to their demise, it can also go the other way.

Particularly in Elden Ring, one must constantly be aware of their surroundings and any potential hazards. While it might be entertaining to bully a boss like Malenia with a friend, there is no guarantee that things won't quickly turn against the players and result in their demise. Always be cautious when facing enemies because one surprise can spell disaster and overconfidence has killed many people in the past.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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