Discover the Secret to Obtaining a Chicken Egg in Tchia's Fourth Chapter!

How to Get a Chicken Egg with Tchia

This brief guide will show players who are working through Tchia's fourth chapter exactly how to obtain one Chicken Egg.

Players will embark on a search for a number of offerings that must be brought back to Ga Ngazo in the fourth chapter of Tchia. The vast majority of these offerings will be directed to players by the in-game map, but one must be found without it. This guide is here to help players locate that item, which is a Chicken Egg in Tchia.

Players seeking a Chicken Egg should concentrate their efforts in Weilwele, a village on Ija Noj's western coast. Notably, this location is marked with a waypoint when Chapter 4 begins, making it very simple to find. Fans of open-world games should concentrate on the area of the village that is on the west side of the river because Weilwele has been marked on the map below.

Fans will discover a Shooting Range Challenge, a Sculpting Stand, and various Trinkets in this location. In this area of the village, players will also undoubtedly notice a chicken coop hidden behind a windmill. Here, they should Soul-Jump into one of the chickens that resides in this coop. In Tchia, fans can perform a Soul-Jump by pressing L1 to access the Soul-Jump mode, aiming the reticle at a chicken, and pressing R2. Once they have entered those inputs, they will have control of the creature.

Players who are in control of the chicken should press R2 to lay an egg, L1 to release the animal, and square when it is close to an unstable egg to take it. Fans can press R1 to place the egg in Tchia's pack and complete the Get 1 Chicken Egg objective after she raises the egg above her head in this manner. Notably, while in this location, fans can also add a chicken to their pack if they wish to have quick access to eggs while exploring Tchia's New Caledonia-inspired world.

There are numerous camps and collectibles close to Weilwele, both of which are worthwhile stops for Tchia players to make after obtaining a Chicken Egg. In particular, gathering Stamina Fruits and entering the nearby Totem Shrine Door are advised because they will enhance Tchia's abilities. Nevertheless, if they want to simply keep reading the story, they should feel free to go back to Aemoon.

Tchia is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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