A new mod turns Elden Ring into an MMORPG

A new mod turns Elden Ring into an MMORPG.

A substantial new mod for Elden Ring that draws inspiration from MMORPGs adds its own free expansion packs, improved multiplayer, and a ton of other features.

Players of Elden Ring can now download the biggest mod the game has ever seen, which was modeled after vintage MMORPG games and comes with a number of cost-free expansion packs. The mod, which is a thorough overhaul of the fundamental elements of FromSoftware's seminal RPG, draws inspiration from many different sources, not the least of which are vintage MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. As a result, it works particularly well with some other player-made mods.

Even though Elden Ring's upcoming DLC was just recently announced, some players are eager to start playing the game with fresh content right away. Naturally, it will take FromSoftware some time to complete and polish the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion pack, but this is where the game's large player base can assist.

The "Eldenlands" mod for Elden Ring, created by Muugiboy, completely overhauls the base game in almost every way. Muugiboy has redesigned nearly everything they could to present a startlingly original gameplay loop, drawing inspiration from MMOs. Starting classes, status effects, summoning, and other game mechanics can all be expected to undergo extensive revision. However, "Eldenlands" also includes a number of brand-new elements, including the True Damage system, attack reactions, and a brand-new item category that lets users wear different parts of the Elden Ring.

Muugiboy's "Eldenlands" mod can be played alone, but it really shines when combined with Elden Ring's "Seamless Co-Op" mod. Adding more friends to a specific instance of "Eldenlands" strengthens the experience in a way that isn't apparent when playing alone because the mod completely overhauls Elden Ring with MMORPG influences. Furthermore, Muugiboy has stated that "Eldenlands" will soon feature raids, so regular, server-based multiplayer is unquestionably the way to go in the future.

Naturally, "Eldenlands" isn't particularly interested in lore. Since only FromSoftware will be able to provide comprehensive answers to major Elden Ring lore mysteries, Muugiboy is presenting their mod as a stand-alone offshoot with the main objective of performing a complete gameplay retrofit. The Tarnished player avatars themselves will serve as Melina's final boss in the upcoming "Eldenlands" feature, which will put players in Melina's position.

It's nearly impossible to summarize all of the changes "Eldenlands" brings in a short amount of time, but the mod is an excellent choice for those looking for a new way to play Elden Ring. Muugiboy's video walkthrough of the installation process should get most players up and running quickly and efficiently, and it's sure to provide dozens of hours of gameplay for those looking for it.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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