Elden Ring Player Takes Over PVP by Transforming Into a Living Furnace

Elden Ring Player Takes Over PVP by Transforming Into a Living Furnace

With their ability to transform into a living furnace and burn their opponents alive, one Elden Ring player rules the game's PVP.

Player battles become a little too heated as one Elden Ring player dominates the game's PVP by transforming into a living furnace. Elden Ring is a game that has no problem punishing its players, whether it be by inserting bosses that can take some high-level Elden Ring players hundreds of deaths to defeat or by inserting surprise enemies that attack out of nowhere. A little creative thinking can make punishing players in PVP a satisfying and amusing experience, just like this one player did by turning themselves into a furnace. PVP games already have a ton of customizability.

Since FromSoftware tends to include specialized shields that can enable uncommon forms of gameplay, like the double door shields seen in Dark Souls 3, shield builds are a viable alternative to the more weapon-based builds. The number of unique shields found in Elden Ring has only increased. These range from the Jellyfish Shield, which increases the player's damage output in battle, to the Coiled Shield, which has a snake that shoots out and bites the adversary. The Visage Shield, which can shoot flames and is fashioned after the infamous Flame Chariots, is one rather unique shield.

In Elden Ring's PVP, one player used this shield in a cunning way. User Lord Texugo published a video demonstrating this tactic to r/Eldenring. The video is a six-minute montage of the multiple occasions where the player takes on invaders, utilizing a strategy where they lure them into a secluded area with only one exit, block the exit, and begin to spew flames onto the enemy again and again with the Visage Shield until they die in screaming agony. Clever use of the environment against the adversary, as demonstrated by one Elden Ring player who utilized a Caelid adversary.

Making use of one's surroundings is crucial to both Elden Ring's PVP and the fundamental principles of war. Since some of the builds in the video have been found to be less than favorable to go up against, like the dual-spear builds, many commenters found this strategy clever in the same way, and not just funny to watch but satisfying as well.

Moments like these are what make the game's PVP shine, and with the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion for Elden Ring rumored to be coming, there are bound to be new cunning ways to engage players in PVP like the approach shown here. Elden Ring's players are incredibly inventive, which is what makes PVP such a fun way to play the game because they frequently think outside the box and come up with fresh strategies to defeat their rivals.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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