Now Sega and Tencent Join the List of Publishers Skipping E3 2023

Now Sega and Tencent Join the List of Publishers Skipping E3 2023

The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, has long been the paramount event for the video game industry, having undergone considerable changes of late, calling into question its status as the most important trade show. The news of Tencent and Sega's non-attendance of the 2023 convention further increases the list of publishers who have decided not to attend E3.

Sega and Tencent Decide Not to Attend E3 2023

Following Ubisoft's declaration that it would not attend the restructured E3 event in June, both Tencent and Sega have announced their absence from the exhibition. A spokesperson for Tencent's games publishing branch, Level Infinite, purportedly stated that the company will not be present at E3. Meanwhile, Sonic's publisher, Sega, told IGN that it had opted not to join E3 2023 as an exhibitor, although it is looking forward to sharing further information on its disclosed and undisclosed projects in the future.

Sega and Tencent are not the only businesses to have chosen to abstain from E3 2023. Both Xbox and Nintendo have confirmed that they will not partake in the event, with PlayStation not expected to join either. In addition, several major publishers, such as EA and Activision, have been absent from E3 for some years.

Ubisoft Reverses Decision to Attend E3

Last month, Assassin's Creed's publisher, Ubisoft, was the first significant firm to openly commit to E3. However, this week, the company announced that it had altered its plans and would instead conduct its own Ubisoft Forward Live event on June 12 in LA. Ubisoft's reversal of its decision to attend E3 is noteworthy as it was perceived as an endorsement of the revamped format.

Alterations to E3 Format

E3 2023 will be the first physical exhibit in four years and has been taken over by ReedPop, the media and events company that is behind PAX, EGX, and Star Wars Celebration. Under the new format, the first two days of E3 (June 13-14) will be exclusively for business, the third day (June 15) will allow both business and consumer visitors, and the final day (June 16) will be reserved for consumers only. ReedPop has asserted that various "AAA companies, in addition to indie darlings and tech and hardware firms," have vowed to "make their return" to the LACC.

The Future of E3

The growing number of companies forgoing E3 2023 is a disconcerting trend for the future of the event. E3 has been considered the most significant trade show for the video game industry for an extended period, but with large publishers opting out, the convention's importance is increasingly in question. The emergence of digital events and the success of other trade shows, such as Gamescom and Tokyo Game Show, are also putting E3's dominance under pressure.

The latest news of Tencent and Sega's decision not to partake in E3 2023 is a further blow to the event's reputation as the most important trade show in the video game industry. With significant publishers such as Ubisoft, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation also opting out, the future of E3 is uncertain. Although ReedPop has pledged that several "AAA companies" will attend the exhibit, the mounting list of absentees is a disconcerting trend for the long-term sustainability of the event.

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