Starfield has finally gone gold, and preloads on Xbox will begin tomorrow

Starfield has finally gone gold Xbox

Starfield Sci-Fi RPG Goes Gold and Preload Details Revealed.

Bethesda's long-awaited sci-fi RPG Starfield has officially gone gold. The game is finally scheduled to be released in September after several months of delays. This shows that the game's primary development is complete and that the manufacturing stage can now begin.

Bethesda has shared some exciting news with excited gamers. Starting on August 17, Xbox Series X/S owners will have the opportunity to preload Starfield, getting ready to explore the mysteries of space as soon as the game goes live. Steam users can start preloading on August 30, ensuring a seamless launch experience for everyone.

Starfield encountered its first delay in May 2022, pushing its launch to the first half of 2023. The anticipation grew stronger, and fans had to wait a bit longer to embark on their interstellar adventures. Bethesda, in March, made another announcement, revealing the new release date for Starfield: September 6, 2023.

As the release date draws nearer, players have the opportunity to pre-order several editions of Starfield. The standard version, priced at $70, includes the base game and will also be available through Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC gamers. For those looking for a more comprehensive experience, the Digital Premium Edition and the Constellation Edition priced at $300 offer the game's first story expansion, "Shattered Space." Moreover, players who opt for these editions will enjoy up to five days of early access starting from September 1, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Bethesda's journey with Starfield has not been without its challenges. The acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft in 2021 led to a significant decision: dropping plans for a PS5 version of Starfield. According to Bethesda, this decision has benefited the game's development process. Bethesda's publishing chief, Pete Hines stated on fewer platforms have proven beneficial to the team. He added, "Focusing on fewer platforms has been a big benefit to that team… It's just a far greater risk in my mind." Starfield designers added more details about the story and gameplay.

According to Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, if Starfield was released at the time, it "would already have the fewest bugs of any Bethesda game ever shipped."

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