Sega's licensed loot shooter Hyenas returns with a closed beta

Sega's licensed loot shooter Hyenas

Sega's Hyenas: The Resurgence of a Thrilling Loot Shooter.

Hyenas, an upcoming extraction shooter in which teams compete to acquire pop culture artifacts, will soon be taking part in a closed beta test.

It feels like an eternity since that initial announcement in August 2022, with a sneak peek of alpha test footage that set the gaming community abuzz. After what felt like an age of anticipation, the silence has finally been broken.

Hyenas PC closed beta is primed to kick off on August 31st, treating lucky players to an adrenaline-fueled ride through September 11th. Eager to dive into the action-packed universe of Hyenas? Well, here's your chance! Secure your spot by registering for the closed beta on Steam, and trust us, time's of the essence.

Creative Assembly, the British minds behind the iconic Total War series, have swerved into a whole new lane with Hyenas. Known for their large-scale strategy games, they're taking us on a wild ride with this unexpectedly exciting space-based loot shooter.

Imagine suiting up as a daring hero, locked in a furious race against the clock and rival squads to snag the coolest pop culture treasures. That's the heart-pounding essence of Hyenas.

Hyenas isn't your typical loot grind. It's like the gaming universe's version of a treasure hunt. Rather than ordinary loot drops, you'll be chasing after bona fide, real-world items that are dripping with fanfare. Picture scoring a Sonic the Hedgehog figurine that might just tip the scales of victory in your favor, or perhaps a limited-edition lightsaber that catapults you into legendary status. This is the loot that blurs the line between digital excitement and real-world fandom.

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