Marvel's Avengers drops to $3.99 to make way for its delisting later this month

Marvel's Avengers minimized to $3.99 to make way for its delisting later this month

Marvel's Avengers has seen an unprecedented price drop yet, ahead of the game's removal later this month.

The game's Definitive Edition, which includes all previously released story expansions, all playable heroes, and almost all outfits, is currently available for the following prices:

  • $3.99 / £2.99 on Steam
  • $3.99 / £4.49 on Xbox (requires Gold subscription)
  • $3.99 / £4.49 on PlayStation Store

(Adjusted) Following the release of its last patch on Mach 31, Crystal Dynamics had previously said that official support for Marvel's Avengers would end on September 30.

It also means that the game will no longer be available for sale after September 30 and will be taken down from digital storefronts.

In a statement released in January, Crystal Dynamics said: "To our incredible community, after Update 2.8 on March 31, 2023, there will be no more content or feature additions to Marvel’s Avengers." This is 2.5 years and 12 Avengers later.

Website support for the game will end on September 30th, 2023. Both single-player and multiplayer will continue to be accessible postofficial end of support on 30th Sep 2023.

It was originally developed by Crystal Dynamics as a Square Enix studio before it, along with several of its other Western studios, was sold to Embracer Group.

Lara Croft’s next outing, coming from Amazon Games, is being developed by the studio.

By Lars Wingefors, Embracer CEO, is anticipated to be released by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal by March 31st, 2028 spoken “5 triple-A games.”

The statement doesn’t yet say if this restructuring program also extends to any of the upcoming CD projects that were revealed shortly before Embracer Group mentioned it would close down some game studios and cancel some “longer-term projects”.

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