PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is leaving Sony

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is retiring

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan will soon retire, according to the company.

According to a statement released by Sony on Wednesday, SIE President and CEO Jim Ryan has decided to retire in March 2024 after working for the PlayStation division for nearly thirty years.

"In order to assist Mr. Ryan in his transition, Sony Group Corporation President, COO, and CFO Hiroki Totoki will take over as Chairman of SIE in October 2023." Mr. Totoki will be appointed Interim CEO of SIE beginning April 1, 2024, while continuing his current post at Sony Group Corporation.

Mr. Totoki will collaborate closely with Kenichiro Yoshida, Chairman and CEO of Sony Group Corporation, and the SIE management team to define the next phase of PlayStation's development, including the role transition for the SIE CEO.

Jim Ryan noted challenges in combining his home life in Europe and job commitments in North America in his own statement.

"After 30 years, I have made the decision to retire from SIE in March 2024," he stated. "I've relished the opportunity to work in a job I enjoy for a very special company, with wonderful people and incredible partners." However, it has become more difficult for me to reconcile living in Europe and working in North America.

"I will leave having had the honor of working on products that have touched the lives of millions of people all over the world; PlayStation will always be a part of my life, and I am more optimistic than ever about the future of SIE." I'd like to thank Yoshida-san for having such faith in me and for being such a compassionate and helpful leader."

"Jim Ryan has been an inspirational leader throughout his entire tenure with us, but never more so than in overseeing the launch of PlayStation 5 in the midst of the global COVID pandemic," stated Sony Group CEO Kenichiro Yoshida. The tremendous accomplishment of the whole SIE team has been progressively built upon, and PlayStation 5 is on track to become SIE's most successful console to date.

"I'm eternally grateful to Jim for everything he's accomplished." Given the importance of the Game & Network Services business, respecting Jim's decision to end his long career at Sony leaves me with a critical decision regarding his succession.

"After extensive deliberation, we established the new management structure." We intend to further the evolution and growth of the Sony Group by achieving even greater success in the Game & Network Services Business."

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is retiring

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Jim Ryan for his outstanding achievements and contributions over his 30-year career at Sony, including the great success of launching the PlayStation 5," said Hiroki Totoki, the incoming Interim CEO of SIE.

"The PlayStation business managed by SIE is a critical component of Sony Group's overall business portfolio." I will collaborate closely with Jim and the senior management team to ensure our continuing success and expansion. I am also looking forward to working with everyone at SIE and its business partners to shape the exciting future of PlayStation and the game industry."

Ryan has been in charge of the PlayStation business since 2019, including the introduction of the PlayStation 5.

The British executive has nearly 20 years of experience at Sony's PlayStation division, formerly serving as the head of SIE's European business and the head of worldwide marketing.

He's also renowned for making controversial statements, such as questioning why someone would want to play older PlayStation games in 2017.

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