Sony says it is "investigating the situation" in response to hack report

Sony says it is "investigating the situation" in response to hack report

Sony began an investigation after a ransomware team claimed to have infiltrated its networks.

It has also been reported this week the ransomware team known as Ransomed has become active. The cache of stolen information was being extorted with a sale for vc.

“We are now in possession of your secrets,” the group announced on the clear and dark internet. “We’re not going to keep them captive!” Because we are going to sell the information. Because Sony refused to pay. "THE DATA IS FOR SALE."

Sony has responded to those claims with a statement, “[W]e are looking into this matter, and have nothing additional to say now.

Cyber Security Connect states that, a relative newcomer to ransomware, "has racked up an impressive amount of victims" since bursting onto the scene last month, despite the fact that the claims made by the virus remain unconfirmed.

The group is said to have sent off a few screenshots of an interior Sony login page, interior PowerPoint show, different Java records, and the record way of the break, demonstrating around 6,000 documents. also indicated an “after” date of September 28 when they will release all the data to anyone who hasn’t purchased it.

In 2011, Sony’s PlayStation Network was hit with a massive breach, leaving some 77 million user profiles vulnerable and taking the network offline for about 23 days as a result.

At this point in time neither confirmed nor denied by us, is reported on by Cyber Security Connect as having had an impressive number of victims” since its entry into the ransomware market last month.

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