Starfield Console Commands Guide

List of Starfield Console Commands.

Starfield Console Commands Guide

Modifying your character and companions is allowed through Starfield console commands. Besides these tasks, there are also additions of new items and unlocking of perks to consider. In the Starfield console commands guide, examples of how to use this feature are covered.

Starfield console commands: how do you use them?

(On a PC keyboard) Accessing the Starfield console requires pressing the tilde key. After that, enter any number of commands you like. Achievements, in turn, can be obstructed by most commands. With the "[M" symbol, your savest will include an indication of altered values.

Finally, PC users can look in C: Documents > username GamessStarfield logfile responsibility lies withStarfieldMy Games. Even if you go back to a clean save, tracked are all console commands used. Modding with an achievement enabler can help you steer clear of challenges. By Brunph, an Achievement Enabler created by Nexus Mods users exists if you want.

By utilizing the help command

As an aside, the help function is the most useful Starfield console command: help term/mechanic/item name> 4. For example, if you're looking for a specific NPC or perk ID, type "help Sarah 4" or "help Piloting 4" to see a list of related IDs. You can then specify the type of function that modifies that value.

Items and player effects.

  • God mode: Tgm - Makes your character immune to all damage while still consuming oxygen; unlimited ammo and jetpack boost.
  • Points for Experience: Player.modav experience - The amount of XP you enter here will be added to your current value. If you have 100 XP and type player.modav experience 1000, you will have 1,100 XP. This includes any level-ups and skill points you would normally have earned.
  • Adding new items: Player.additem - Search for the item ID using the help command. This includes weapons, armor, ammunition, and other items.
  • Digipicks: Player.additem 0000000A - The number of digipicks added to your inventory is represented by this value.
  • Money: Player.additem 0000000F value> - The value corresponds to the number of credits you receive.
Starfield Console Commands Guide
You should type a word related to the item so that you can search for it using the help function. Other commands, such as player.additem, can be used from there.

Affinity for companions

Several Starfield console commands have an impact on recruitable companions, but the ones you should pay attention to deal with their affinity. In general, companions have offered new unique conversations at various affinity levels (i.e. 100, 200, 300, and so on). You should do the following:
  • When you have a companion in front of you, press the tilde key ().
  • To view a companion's reference ID, click on their name.
  • Examine the value: Type getav com_affinity while the companion's reference ID is visible to see the affinity value.
  • Set the value as follows: To change the amount of affinity a companion has, type setav com_affinity value>.
  • You should set this just one point below the next threshold. For example, if the first unique conversation occurs at 100 affinity, you should use: setav com_affinity 99.
  • You can then perform an action that they enjoy or simply explore for a while until the next conversation occurs.
Starfield Console Commands Guide
Before changing a companion's affinity value, take note of it.

Personality traits

Finally, we've included Starfield console commands associated with the best skills. Here's the gist of it:
  • Add a perk: player.addperk ID> - This adds one rank to that specific perk; no number is required because it always increases your rank by one.
  • Remove a perk: player.removeperk id> - This completely removes the perk.
Here are some skill ID examples:
  • Persuasion: 0022EC82
  • Stealth: 002CFCB2
  • Leadership: 002C890D
  • Ship Command: 002C53B3
  • Piloting: 002CFCAC
  • Boost Pack Training: 00146C2C
  • Targeting Control System: 002C5559
  • Starship Design: 002C59DC
  • Spacesuit Design: 0027CBC3
  • Weapon Engineering: 002C890C

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