Best Way To Visit Earth in Starfield

How To Visit Earth In Starfield.

Best Way To Visit Earth in Starfield
Earth is a dead planet in Starfield.

In Starfield, you are probably looking for how to get to Earth. The game is set 300 years in the future when humanity has colonized distant star systems. Our people have left our home planet, but you are welcome to return. Please be aware that this article contains spoiler alerts.

How to Get to Earth in Starfield

Fast travel must be unlocked if you want to visit Earth within Starfield, with the Sol system as your destination. Here's a quick summary:

  • New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system is your gateway to fast travel, unlocked early in the campaign.
  • The mere proximity of the Sol system to Alpha Centauri means you can get there quickly by using your gravel drive.
  • After arriving, choose the Earth and pick a landing site.

We did warn you that there would be spoilers, so it only makes sense that we describe what to expect when you arrive on the Starfield version of Earth: it's a complete wasteland. The once stable planet with a fully functional magnetosphere now lies in ruins, suffering from complete loss of life and a decimated atmosphere due to catastrophic damage centuries back. Earth is now more like the moon, Luna, and must be explored while wearing a spacesuit and helmet.

Those onboard moved to the safety of ark ships as a means of leaving in time. As Earth became uninhabitable, surviving humans created New Atlantis on Jemison as a starting point before settling into cities like Akila and Neon throughout space. Others sailed the vastness of space in their ships, either as travelers or pirates.

There are a few places of interest on Earth. Here are a few instances:
  • The map will display an icon for London if you read the copy of Oliver Twist that was looted in some places.
  • An icon for Egypt will appear if you read the book, Ancient Civilization of Egypt.
  • Last but not least, there is a main quest called Unearthed that transports you to a somewhat unexpected location somewhere in North America.
There could be more secrets hidden on our home planet. Please let us know if you find any. That is all there is to know about getting to Earth from Starfield. Don't worry if you can't visit our homeworld right away; there's a bigger galaxy for you to explore.

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