Everything You Need To Know About the New Game Plus Guide of Starfield

Starfield New Game Plus Guide.

Starfield New Game Plus Guide

Starfield presented the New Game Plus mode, surprising everyone. It has one, for the first time in a Bethesda game. The clever and interesting way it is integrated into the narrative and campaign is noteworthy. Our guide covers the peculiarities and New Game Plus mode changes in Starfield. It is already known that this article has spoilers.

What can be expected from Starfield's New Game Plus mode?

After finishing the last mission in Revelations, you can start New Game Plus in Starfield. You have two options once you've made the decision to visit the Unity to see the endings:

  • Playing New Game Plus as a Starborn: proceed to the Unity (the big shiny orb at the center) for another realm.
  • Heading off into oblivion or shadows will bring you closer to your vessel, allowing further research of the main universes. 

What remains from New Game Plus?

The Starfield New Game Plus feature allows you to keep the following items:

  • The majority of traits are inflexible anyway.
  • Your unlocked skills and their leveling totals are all yours to keep. Because there is no level cap, you can continue to learn new and more advanced skills.
  • The abilities you have unlocked all over your gameplay will all still be available. Furthermore, we've noticed that temples are now offering upgraded variants, such as Anti-Gravity Field II or Personal Atmosphere II.
  • The Outer Limits - Whether you sold the Frontier or not, it will still be with you when you start your New Game Plus run.

What do you give up when you progress to New Game Plus?

Anything Not at all, we assure you. If you'd like a list:
  • Everything you've acquired will be lost. That includes tools, spacesuits, supplies for crafting, and the all-powerful digipacks.
  • With the exception of the Frontier, all other ships from your initial run will vanish.
  • They'll go poof at your outposts.
  • Credits are no more.
  • Every planet you've been to and scanned will need to be returned to and given another scan. As a result, you'll have to use the game's connect-the-dots galaxy map to visit star systems once more.

What is included with New Game Plus?

Luckily, your Starfield New Game Plus playthrough has some fantastic additions. Considering that you are a Starborn:
  • The Starborn Guardian II ship in which you awaken belongs to you. You can now operate your own Starborn ship, yes.
  • The Starborn Spacesuit Astra is a full outfit that includes armor, a helmet, and a jetpack. That implies that in order to reap the rewards, you only need to equip it. However, you'll have to equip individual items in the other slots if you're wearing something else, like an Ecliptic Helmet or Constellation Pack.
  • We did complete a New Game Plus run, and speaking of the Starborn Spacesuit.
  • In terms of the Starborn Spacesuit, we did finish a New Game Plus run. We were successful on our second try, and we were given the Starborn Spacesuit Materia, which had improved stats and unique mods. We are unable to confirm whether Starborn suits are randomly assigned or if an NG+ progression system, in which each run you complete rewards you with more powerful gear, is used.
These are just a few of the exciting features of New Game Plus in Starfield. When you arrive at The Lodge, you'll meet Constellation, who will be as surprised as you are. That's because they may not recognize you (you live in a different universe).

However, you can skip the main quest entirely, which changes a lot of things. You may also meet the Starborn Trader.

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