All Xbox users can get a 10-hour Diablo 4 trial this weekend

All Xbox users can get a 10-hour Diablo 4 trial this weekend

All Xbox owners are being offered a Diablo 4 trial for this weekend.

The timed trial comes as a component of Xbox’s annual Free Play Days promotion that enables Game Pass subscribers to try complete copies of certain games at no cost during weekends. In addition, members of the game pass can also play NBA 2k24, lawn mowing simulator, and hokko life.

On the other hand, as stated by Microsoft, one has to be subscribed to the Game Pass to play Diablo 4 but there are restrictions of 10 hours.

Other games you need to play, that will be available for Game Pass Core and Game Pass Ultimate subscribers during this weekend, are “NBA 2K24”, “Lawn Mowing Simulator” and “Hokko Life”.

The free play days begin this Thursday, Oct. 15th, and continue until Sunday, Oct. 22, 11:59PM PDT (Oct. 23, 249AM EDT/BST).

The second part of the season of Blood was published on the same date as Diablo 4 on Oct 17 with the game on Steam.

A new storyline that requires the players to hire a vampire huntress voiced by Gemma Chan.

Its publisher states that World of Warcraft developer Blizzard's fast-selling title so far is Diablo 4 which sold on 6th June 2023 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

According to Activision Blizzard, it has been discovered that more than ten million have experienced playing Diablo 4 within a month after purchasing the game.

Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer said last week that no Activision Blizzard games will be included on Game Pass before 2024.

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