Elden Ring player outwits enemies with St. Trina's Torch during invasion using only a torch

Using only a torch, an Elden Ring player invades

An Elden Ring player successfully defeated two invading enemies using only St. Trina's Torch, an item known for inducing sleep.

A highly skilled player of Elden Ring discovers a difficult method for eliminating rival characters in PVP using St. Trina's Torch, one of the game's more unusual weapons. Elden Ring's style has become so well-known to veterans of the souls-like subgenre that some of the game's bosses and PVP encounters have become too routine and consequently too simple. In order to increase the game's difficulty, some players turn to using builds or weapons that are not advised for beginners. Elden Ring challenge runs are becoming more popular, and some players have even finished the game without ever leveling up.

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Advanced players can now play the base game without mods by participating in challenge runs. In Elden Ring, there are numerous ways to complete a challenge run. Some Elden Ring players defeated the final boss with a shield, while others used a bow to complete the game. The various enemies found in the Lands Between can be defeated in an infinite number of ways. To make the game as challenging as possible and show off their skills, players turn to anything and everything. Many Elden Ring supporters are simply sick of using overpowered builds and would prefer to use something unique and entertaining.

One Elden Ring fan made the unconventional decision to invade other players while brandishing only a torch. In a video that KingofEthanopia uploaded to Reddit, the player invades a different world with St. Trina's Torch and vanquishes two rivals. They can be seen in the video charging at enemies with a torch while perfectly avoiding attacks. After getting closer, the player uses the torch to attack, eventually putting the first foe to sleep and killing them with the following blow. The host of the world then came into focus for them. The host retreats using the Bloodhound Step as KingofEthanopia attacks. Despite the host's arsenal of weapons, KingofEthanopia's skills proved to be too much for them to handle. In PVP at Elden Ring, this player has also used shields to triumph in a battle.

Elden Ring's sleep mechanic is underappreciated. Many of Elden Ring's most formidable foes, such as Trolls and the Godskin Apostles or Nobles, are greatly impacted by the status effect. Low sleep resistance enemies are typically vulnerable after just one hit.

Elden Ring offers a variety of challenging tasks for players to complete, not just those requiring the use of unusual tools and constructions. Players who want to challenge themselves even more have a wealth of options thanks to the game's numerous mechanics and systems. Elden Ring's devoted player base is unsurprised that it continues to enthrall and inspire them given the variety of challenge runs available.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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