Persona 3 Reload" Gets an Official Release Date

Persona 3 Reload" Gets an Official Release Date

Persona 3 Reload" will be released on February 2, 2024, and that date is confirmed.

Atlus has just shared a brand-new trailer for Persona 3 Reload, and the company has finally announced February 2, 2024, as the game's anticipated release date. Players were given more reasons to check out the role-playing game when it was released by the trailer, which also featured Persona 3's characters and pre-order bonuses.

Only a few months have passed since Atlus made its official announcement that it was redesigning the role-playing game. However, given how many leaks and rumors there are in the community, the Persona fan base appears to have been anticipating the announcement all along. Fans will likely be overjoyed that Atlus heeded their call for a modernized remake of the role-playing game, even though the Japanese company only released Persona 3 Portable's port from the Sony PSP to other platforms in January 2023.

Atlus recently revealed the official release date for Persona 3 Reload, which is February 2, 2024, in a trailer that was just uploaded. The gameplay of the RPG was also shown in the trailer, with emphasis on the protagonist's interactions and cutscenes with other Persona 3 NPCs like Ken Amada, Koromaru, Aigis, and Shinjiro Aragaki. The trailer included footage of the battle system and dungeon crawling as well. Atlus also provided details about bonuses and limited editions, which are likely to be of interest to many fans of the franchise.

Remember Ken Amada, Koromaru, Aigis, and Shinjiro Aragaki? Yeah, they're back, and they're looking better than ever. The interactions between the main character and these iconic NPCs? Seriously, get ready to have your emotions tugged at. Oh, and did we mention the battle system and dungeon crawling? 

The video game's official websites in both Japanese and English have been updated to reflect the various editions that are available for purchase. An exclusive Persona 3 Reload Limited Box is coming to Japan, and it includes a S.E.E.S. armband, costume DLC, artbook, and OST, as well as the possibility of an Aigis figure. This costs 17,380 yen ($120 USD) without the figure and 22,880 yen ($160 USD) when the Aigis statue is included. The English website also lists an "Aigis Edition" that lacks the exclusive S.E.E.S. armband but otherwise has nearly identical bonuses. 

The "Aigis Edition" is here to sweep you off your feet, and it's pretty darn close to what the Japanese market is getting. We're talking about all those bonuses, minus the exclusive S.E.E.S. armband. As for the price tag? Well, Atlus is keeping that under wraps for now. But hey, good things are worth the wait, right?

Digital versions of "Persona 3 Reload" are bringing a mix of OST, artbook, and costume DLC to the table. And for those who want to keep things simple and sleek, there are standard editions up for pre-order, featuring just the base game. With the release date still a little ways off, you've got time to ponder and pick the edition that's going to grace your gaming library.

February 2, 2024, is the big day, and "Persona 3 Reload" is set to light up our screens on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S

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