Tokyo Game Show 2023 broadcast will take place on September 21st, SEGA & Atlus Confirmed

Sega has confirmed that it will host a "special broadcast" with Atlus at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

Tokyo Game Show 2023 broadcast will take place on September 21st

The Tokyo Game Show 2023 broadcast will take place on September 21st, according to SEGA and Atlus.

This year's Tokyo Game Show is getting closer and closer and SEGA and Atlus have announced that their special broadcast will begin on Thursday, September 21st at 7pm JST. Players will be informed "all about the newest titles from Sega and Atlus" in a broadcast that will be made available via Sega's YouTube channels in both Japanese and English.

The company hasn't revealed its lineup for this year's event, but it appears to include a wide range of games, including Persona 3 Reload, Metaphor, Sonic the Hedgehog, and the Yakuza franchise. We will notify you once their Tokyo Game Show website is live and they have announced their stage events for this year's event.

If you're looking for more information, I'm afraid there aren't any at the moment - neither Sega nor Atlus have given any hints as to what the presentation might entail other than confirming that it will last around 50 minutes.

The good news is that while this stream will primarily cover the Tokyo Game Show, Sega plans to host a New broadcast every month starting in September.

Another Sega IP, a team-based sci-fi extraction shooter from Creative Assembly, was publicly playable for the first time this week at Gamescom in Cologne, following what Tom calls a somewhat eye-opening summary of its status from Sega top brass last week.

"Hyenas is a bright and airy shooter with entertaining PVPVE moments and some promising zero-G sections, which I discovered after playing a quick game of it on the Gamescom show floor. My time with it, however, was too brief for me to really leave with much of a lasting impression, "Tom said of his hands-on appointment.

The Steam beta test is scheduled for August 31st.

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