Sony donated $2 million to humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza

Sony donated $2 million to humanitarian efforts in Israel and Gaza

Sony has donated $2 million to humanitarian help for those affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Sony said the money would go to the Japanese Red Cross Society and the UNICEF.

It further stated that many Sony Group companies are running programs whereby the company matches employees' donations to charities or nonprofit organizations.

The number of people assisting Palestinians who are suffering from the current conflict is indeterminable, including Devolver Digital.

The editor-in-chief said, “We have donated to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which provides humanitarian assistance to Palestinian families, so please give, if you can.”

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden disclosed a deal between his administration and Cairo to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza after the two nations had engaged in intense negotiations.

The people of GAZA have suffered a great deal ever since Israel set up a blockade 11 days ago for the provision of necessities including food, water, fuel, and medication among others.

It came as a response to the Hamas attack on Gaza which resulted in the death of approximately 1,400 people on October 7th.

The Israeli government has attacked Gaza with aerial bombardments that have allegedly left more than 3,000 dead.

One among many companies involved in the games industry who contributed to the relief of Ukraine when Russia invaded it some time ago donated $2 million (the same amount as Sony). 

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